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How Silcskin Works



The Silcskin Products are made of 100% medical grade silicone. When worn, Electro static energy provided by the  pads can improve the irregular collagen structure, while creating an increase in blood flow to improve skin tone. 
Silicone contributes in hydrating the skin by drawing the skins natural moisture to the surface.
Although you will probably see results in as little as one night ,
prolonged use will help return skin to a more youthful and supple appearance by softening the lines and wrinkles.

The pads are adhesive silicone pads that are applied to the area and left on while you sleep. Upon awaking the pads are removed, washed and dried on top of the simple drying  tray that is supplied with your pads.

The pads are reuseable for up to 30 days and will maintain their adhesiveness.
All three of our pads are packaged in their own distinctive packaging, complete with instructions in German, French, Portuguese, Spanish and of course, English.
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